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May 13, 2009

Our President Example of How Selfishness Lead to Prosperity

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By Curtis Duncan

What? Are you telling me that one of Obama’s keys to his financial success is the fact that he is selfish? Yes, I am. Hey, the guy is a millionaire and as you can see from his latest tax returns he gave about 6 percent of his income to charitable works.


That is commendable. I highly respect the notion of his giving to and supporting different charitable causes. I would say that giving is a big part of increasing and expanding your abundance. Now, you might be thinking, well isn’t it wrong to be selfish. Is it though?

Is it really wrong to look out, care, and love one’s self to the extent that no one else’s well-being around you matters? Why is being selfish wrong too? It is all a matter of your beliefs but the fact of the matter is that you cannot create in anyone else’s life experiences nor do you have the ability to make anyone else happy. So if that is true, then wouldn’t being selfish be a natural way of “being” for us…

If happiness is our job, then would not doing what makes US happy be the only thing that drives and motivates our actions and how we choose to live. Now you might be thinking, if all of us were selfish then it wouldn’t be a cruel world where people would not give and compete against one another. Doubtful. The more you make your joy and happiness your own mission in life the more you have to share with others but you share this joy because you have filled yourself up with it and it just naturally flows out, not because you feel like you have to. The world would be a happier place if we all did for self. Now as far as competition, that whole notion comes from a place of lack and scarity. These are all just thoughts running in the psyche of humans which are not true but people who believe and think that way will always have to compete and will always feel unfulfilled because their success came through stepping on the neck of their fellow brother. It does not have to be this way. There is a ribbon in the sky for all of us so says Stevie Wonder and the metaphor behind that is that there is more than enough to go around for us all. There is an infinite supply for all of us.

Since we are dealing in the realm of finances let’s look at how our “sacrificial lamb” mentality and “trying to please others” mentality can often block our abundance. Most people have a sincere desire to be wealthy for various reasons. However, when you hear most people’s reason for wanting to be rich it is because “so I can do for others and help my family”. Now that sounds noble to most people that is actually a reflection of a huge block to abundance which is the belief that “I am not good enough”. That limiting belief is the reason why most lotto winners end up losing all their money which could be in the millions within 3-4 years of winning it. It makes total sense when you hear what most lotto winners say they are going to do with that $10 million prize. “Oh I am going to give some money to my church, give some money to my sick uncle, give some to a local charity, and give some money to my grandchild, and give some money to my nephew, etc”. Now how many times do you hear lotto winners discuss all things that are going to do for self. How often do you hear lotto winners discuss how they are going to buy a mini-boat, a new house, a new wardrobe, a fine collection of suits, take a few trips around the world, and then give some money to charity. Rarely. Why because if they were to say or do that then they would be called selfish and remember “it is wrong to be selfish” and “you have to sacrifice for people and for God” and for whoever else. These are all limiting beliefs and the overarching theme behind them all is the feeling that I am not good enough or there is something “wrong or evil” about me. If you have these negative beliefs about yourself, manifesting your birthright of abundance will be very difficult if not impossible.

Now who is the first person you pay or give money to when you receive your payroll check or some other form of compensation. It is to you RIGHT because if it is not then you are once again saying that you are not worthy of wealth. Hey, you earned the money so why give to your church, your creditors, or to anyone else before giving to yourself. It is time to be selfish people and pay yourself first and then give to everybody else. Second, do you have trouble giving to others but not to you. That is another manifestation of the “I am not worthy” programming kicking in. Set aside 10 percent of your earnings to do something fun that you enjoy. Take yourself out to a restaurant, go see a movie that you want, take a trip to the Bahamas wherever and whatever. The whole point of doing this is help to build your deserving muscle because each and every one of us does deserve wealth and abundance. We have been taught to sacrifice, to put others before ourself, and that it is better to give than to receive but those are all limiting beliefs that many of us have unconsciously adopted. Now, I am saying not to give, absolutely not. I am a big believer in giving, most prosperity books I read recommend giving about 5 to 10 percent of your earnings to charitable organizations or to your church. If you are finding that most of your money is going towards what someone else wants instead towards you and your desires that once again is a reflection of the “I am unworthy” belief running. Our president only gave 5 percent of his income away and spent most of his income on his desires and needs. For that reason, he most likely continue to grow in abundance for that statistic is a reflection of his belief that he is worthy of prosperity.

I understand that many of us have put our bliss and happiness on the backburner under the guise that we are adding to the happiness of someone else. But we are not because you have no power to make another happy. Happiness is something that exists within each and every one of us and it is something we can experience in any moment. It is also independent of circumstances. There are people out there who have amazing lives who are unhappy and there are people out there who have undesirable lives who are still happy. Since happiness exists in me and you, then there is nothing that we can ever do to bring another happiness. Once again, that person already has happiness. Now, they might have some limiting beliefs about it (I need this person to be this way so I can be happy, etc) but it is still something that everyone already has. Most of us just never knew it. Hey, there is no point in bringing sand to a beach.

I also understand that many were taught that there is something wrong with them and that they are not good enough. Once again that is not true. We are all perfect and we can never do any wrong and we are all worthy of whatever it is that our heart desires. And we do not owe anyone (that includes God and government) anything; we owe it ourselves to cultivate our own happiness and peace of mind. Having “a me” first attitude does not mean that you do not give or that you try to step on others to be successful. It means you understand that there is enough for everyone and that ultimately you have the power to create the kind of life you want and will truly enjoy without having to answer and be judged by no one. Others may not like how you live your life but the biggest question is how do YOU like how you live your life? Do you feel fulfilled and happy? If not, then be aware and move beyond that negative “I should not for self” “I have to sacrifice” “I am not good enough” line of thinking and behaving because it really could be the difference between living a magical life and just “getting by”. Be selfish yall, it is okay, you cannot harm nobody, you actually can do more for others by loving, acknowledging, and doing for self! We have a presidential example that is proof of this. Thanks for reading!


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  1. Thank you for this. I think I needed to get permission to be selfish

    Comment by Camille — October 25, 2010 @ 12:38 am

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