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April 17, 2009

The Politics of Possibility

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By: Curtis Duncan

The photo above is a prime example of the changing paradigm amongst humanity in embracing and celebrating possibility. The text above reads the Black Royal Cop could have never imagined that he would be escorting a Black American president in the British corridors of power. In his frame of reality, this was not possible. However, the election of a Black American president within the content of American history proves that any and all things are possible. As a matter of fact, one of the President’s main campaign slogans was “Yes We Can” which reflected the power of possibility. However the belief in possibility and phrases such as “Yes We Can” are huge when you understand the Law of Attraction and how our beliefs literally shape the reality we perceive to be real.

Science has now proven that we live in a world of infinite possibility. What scientists have discovered is that EVERYTHING in the Universe is energy and that all energy is connected to one single energy field. All the energy in the Universe is connected to this field, me, you, Obama, your cat, and a hamburger. Within in this energy field, infinite possibilities exist. Science, quantum physics to be specific, tells us that this energy in the Universe exist as both waves and particles often simultaneously. The waves are what we call invisible but that does not mean that they are not real or do not exist. They are just not real to us. The particles are what human beings perceive as solid, our chair, our bodies, computers, etc. However, what we perceive as solid or as “real” also exist as waves too. Now what makes the infinite waves form into particles? You. Science also tells us of the phenomenon known as the observer effect. Through our observation of these waves, we actually form the particles or solid objects we perceive as real. Now when our attention is not on these objects, these objects actually cease to exist in our physical world since they become waves of pure potentiality. Through our attention to these waves again is how these waves become particles or “reality” again. To sum it up in regular Joe terms, you are literally a “movie projector” and what you see in your reality is coming from within you!

So are you telling me that nothing in the “physical” world actually exists? Yes, it only exists through our observation that makes it real. Now since we are all our own projectors (creators) then it would make sense that we have our own projections or what we call our life. So there is no “out there”? According to quantum physics no, there is only the observer creating what he or she perceives to be “out there” but it does not make out there “real”. In essence, all reality is subjective or based upon the observation of the observer. Subjective means based on the observer and the beliefs of the observer. Now I will add that only “objective” reality or things that do not need our belief in them for them for them to exist would be the Law of Attraction and the Law of Gravity.

Now included in what scientists found out about the observer effect was that the observation was always affected by what the observer believed or expected. If the observer (scientist) believed the energy would show up as waves then that is how the energy would “appear”. If the observer believed that the energy would show up as particles then that is how the energy would “appear”. Scientists were at first baffled until they realized that hey I am creating the outcome of this experiment. Likewise, all of us are creating the outcomes of “experiment” which we call our life.

Okay, I gave you a little science behind the Law of Attraction so how does believing in possibility fit into all this. It is everything! If you believe or think in terms of possibility then those possibilities must be formed into your reality. If you believe or think in terms impossibility, then the waves will not be formed into your reality. The reality or something out there will be invisible but hey that is because you believe something is not possible. Remember we always get to be “right” in life. Whatever we believe, we must conceive. Also, regardless of your religious persuasion, it says in the Bible “With God, all things are possible”. How true. Notice though, it did not say one thing or two things or a million things are possible. It says ALL things are possible and that is true. That statement can be proven scientifically by understanding that we live in a world of infinite possibilities.

For so long, we have been taught or given what is and what is not possible for us. In the political realm, I and many other Americans have always believed in the impossibility of a Black president so thereby that became our country’s experience. However, there was a shift and it might have been an unconscious one because now we have one. With this election, it is exciting that more people are open to the possibilities that could exist for them too. All possibilities DO exist for you on quantum physics level.

Now, I am going to apply this to the world and for the things of your life that you want to create. A common limiting belief in the medical arena is that certain diseases are not curable. Is that true? Well it is only to those who believe that. If you have been diagnosed with any life threatening ailment, it is possible for you to be well again? YES! Is it possible to heal yourself from AIDS? YES! Is it possible for the blind to see again? YES!! Is it possible for organs to regenerate and grow back again? YES! Remember, we live in a world of infinite possibilities but yet so many of us literally “kill” what could be possible in our lives through our constantly thinking and saying the disempowering word “Can’t”. “I can’t do that”, I can’t be successful”, “I can’t afford it”, “I can’t see the possibility of that happening”. Always remember that when you believe it then you must by LAW see it. It is not your job to see it but to believe it!!

Now, I know most of you are sitting there reading this article and thinking okay this sounds inspirational and great but HOW in the heck are these things possible. My answer is I have no clue but I do know that is not our job to figure out HOW things can come true. That is the job of the Universe or the Divine. Our job is to believe in the possibilities that we want for our lives and feel as though that they already exist NOW. Leave the hows alone! Our job is to also let go of any thoughts that things are not possible for us. That is just old negative programming at play there, it is not true. You want financial freedom and security, believe it is possible for you. Want to be in a relationship of your dreams, believe it is possible! Want to walk on water, believe it is possible!! Can America be a prosperous, peaceful, and joyful nation? Yes we can, it is possible! Can we all just get along? Yes we can, it is possible! Okay, I think you get the point about possibility but know this. Whether you believe in possibility or can or in impossibility and “can’t”, that will always be your “truth” or holographic projection. So why not believe in possibility? Yes We Can, It is Possible!! Thanks for reading.


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