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March 17, 2009

The Madoff “Victims” and The Law of Attraction

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The Law of Attraction and The Madoff Scandal

By Contributing Writer: Curtis Duncan


The situation regarding Bernie Madoff and his “victims” is no accident when you understand the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that you attract that which you are in vibrational resonance with. The Universal law is always at work for everyone just like gravity is and is not a respecter of persons but responds to vibration. My intention with this article is examine some of the possible ways in which the Madoff “victims” attracted the circumstances in which they lost significant life savings or more. This article is not about demeaning or blaming those “victims”. I intend to examine how these circumstances could have been possibly created via the Law of Attraction. I will examine the role that limiting beliefs play in creating certain “accidents” in our lives too.

First, our vibration is determined by our thoughts, words, feeling, actions, and our physical reality is a reflection and supports our vibration in that moment. Another key portion of our vibration is our BELIEFS. Our beliefs are huge because they literally create the things we see in our lives. There is an old saying when that you believe it then you will see it. Now many people think that what they see causes their beliefs but this is absolutely backwards and would also imply we are “victims” of the world around us. Our beliefs create what we see in our experience (reality) and also manifest “evidence” (our truth) to support our beliefs.


Okay so how do beliefs play in a role in the circumstances surrounding this Madoff’s victims. Well, since the situation was financially related then the cause (beliefs) would lead the given effect (losing life savings). People overall have a lot of limiting beliefs about themselves, money, and what life would be like when they are wealthy. The first belief would be that these people believe in victimization. However there are no victims in the Universe. Even in our belief in victimhood, we still create “evidence” to support our belief in this. Perhaps these individuals believed in the concept of victimization and thereby created another event or circumstances to justify their belief in victimhood.  Or they may have been feeling guilty.  All guilty feeling create a need to be victimized – to even out the score.

Many of these individuals were financially well-off however these kinds of circumstances often times cause our limiting beliefs to really reveal themselves even if we have manifested large sums of money. Beliefs such as:

“I will lose it all when I get a lot of money”

“It is not right for me to have when others do not”

“I am not good enough”

“People will not like me for being wealthy”

“More money, more problems”

“It is too stressful to have a lot of money”

“It is greedy for me to have all this money”

“I am doing the wrong thing – I feel guilty”

All of those beliefs and more could have played a major role in these individuals losing their money. Those limiting beliefs are the reason why a vast majority of lottery winners end up losing all their money within 2 years or less of winning the lotto. These beliefs will literally repel money or if you have money will create circumstances in which you will lose it “accidentally”. This is definitely bound to happen particularly if a person is unconscious (unaware) of these disempowering patterns of thinking.



Whatever you fear will appear. In this current economic situation, many people are afraid of the stock market going down or their bank going under and them losing significant sums of money. Unbeknownst to many, fearing these things actually creates them into their life. You cannot focus upon what you do not want and manifest what you do want. Perhaps, the Madoff victims spent too much time worrying about their money and dwelling in fear over the possibility of losing it.

These things and more probably played a role in these people creating this into their lives. In this scenario, Madoff was “how” these people created the circumstances in which their money was lost. With the Law of Attraction, whatever vibrational frequency you emitting in the moment are creating more situations to experience. The Law of Attraction will also figure out how to manifest an event or circumstances that is reflection of that negative vibration too. So, the Madoff victims were emitting a vibration of resistance (fear, limiting beliefs) and the Universe lined up a “how” (Madoff) through which they could lose their money. In a sense, if the people did not lose their money through Madoff, the Universe would have created another “how” through which they could lose their money. There are an unlimited ways through which the Universe can create more situations to experience your current vibration whether it is negative or positive. Maybe a family member would take it, they would get a huge tax lien, or possibly a lawsuit. So Madoff was not the villain here, but the “how” and through his own vibration he was in alignment with participating in this circumstance with these people.


The important thing to remember is that the Law of Attraction is always responding to vibration, 24/7 day and night and it will always find ways to experience more of that vibration for you whether the circumstances that are created are perceived to be “good” or “bad”. As creators, it is our responsibility to be aware in the moment of our negative thoughts, words, feelings, and actions which are all a reflection of the vibration we are offering in that moment. Once we are aware of this, it is our job to shift this into a positive vibe. How do we make that shift? The best way would be to focus on being grateful for what we have. When we focus on what we are grateful for, then we attract more things to be grateful for. That is where all our creative power lies and will always lie. Thank you for reading.


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