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March 11, 2009

Zen Earmark Reform | No More Baby and Bathwater

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By: Kenya K Stevens

For so long many African Americans have retained a sense of indignant hopelessness on the issue of race relations in this country.  While I am a preacher of love and forgiveness, many of my race hold fast to the past viewing all White Americans or rather White America is the enemy ~ as though reform is not an option.

It reminds me of today’s story “Obama To Sign Bill Including Earmarks ~ Claiming Earmark Reform Needed”. The people have responded.  Democrats, and of course Republicans, have their stomachs in a knot.  So Obama signs a bill which includes Earmarks, now he is trampling sacred campaign promises?

I think not!

For too long the American public has held simple minded views of politics and race in this country.  It is simple minded, in my opinion, to blame all white individuals for racial oppression.  It is more stimulating [for me personally] to find the usefulness, beauty and joy in relating to all Americans with civility and trust – even as some European ancestors did the deeds some chose to wear as scars on our backs.  But accepting this as a new day,  we can choose to find value in individuals of all race.  Obviously a view not as forth coming as it could.  We toss the baby with the bath water when we refuse to believe in the concept of reform.

Same goes for the Earmark spending of the past.  Sure, Earmarks have been used to fund out of control, and anonymous projects.  Sure, in the past there have been clear lack of transparency and integrity among those who used American tax dollars for unscrupulous purposes.  But often times, Earmarks are a powerful vehicle for change in small districts, special projects and government offices.  So shall we toss away Earmarks all together, just because some have abused the system?  Baby and bathwater again.

Whats more is the sheer lack of respect some give President Obama when he takes the enlightened, Zen, path by enlivening even a failed format to produce fresh and lively change.  The bill he signed today had been on the table for a year!  He signed it because it will help the American government continue to do it’s job.  Earmarks and all, the bill will do good, not more good than harm – just GOOD.  And he promises to bring Earmark spending into the light of day so all of us can see the usefulness of our tax dollars and not be bamboozled by government vampires.  He promised to reform the Earmark.  Zen.

But the simplistic view is this:  The man said he was against earmark spending and here he goes signing a bill to include earmark spending.  I do not like it! Sad state of affairs when we put so little trust in our own choices (president, yes, we chose him) that we second guess him into a no win situation.  We need to allow the man to do his job, stay learned on the current issues, and trust he is doing the very best he can, as promised, for the American people.  Why is this so difficult?

I guess for the same reason African Americans have a difficult time moving away the sting of slavery.  Sure, now is the time to release the past and move on to new frontiers.  Now is the time to embrace a new and empowering format of thought – Nothing and No One is against me, I can have, do or become anything I desire.  But that takes spiritual work and so will trusting President Barack Obama with the future of the free world.  I think we can do it.  Yes We Can.

Read Obama Earmark Reform Remarks Here.


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  1. allow the man to do his job, (congress has not changed)
    stay learned on the current issues, (my filter is getting clogged)
    trust he is doing the very best he can, (I do)
    as promised, for the American people. ( no comment )

    Why is this so difficult?

    It is difficult to trust my children’s future to leadership I do not.
    I do pray for the leadership –

    Comment by pbatus — March 12, 2009 @ 12:27 pm

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