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January 19, 2009

Why Won’t They Just Say It!

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s-obama-and-lincoln-large1Why is it that pundits speak of the similarities between Barack and Abe without fully comprehending the fact that energy is neither created nor destroyed?  There is no such thing as Death. There is only Transition.  Transition is actually tangible.  This is not an esoteric notion.

Barack Obama WAS Abe Lincoln ‘in a past life’. Why is this unfathomable?  Do you feel creepy when I say that?  Who were you in your past lives, where was your energy when it was not destroyed but transitioning into another form for the past one million years (maybe longer)?  We cannot go on holding to old beliefs while intuiting the obvious.

I just wish some brave soul would simply come out and say it.  As I wish, I realized that I am that brave soul and here I am saying it!  This man is the other!  Look at the structure of the eyes, lips and nose.  How creepy is that?  Don’t sleep on this or pretend as if I am just some airy fairy DIVA with a hippie flower on my shirt.  No way.  I am a scientist.

Can you be that too?  Ask yourself.  Why would Abe Lincoln not come back as Barack Obama?  He had a double focus – to free the slaves and to heal the union.  Barack Obama is completing that mission.  He is healing the riffs between democrats and republican, last vestiges of the civil war brutality.  And he is freeing the ‘slaves’.  African Americans everywhere are crying their pain out, embracing a new day, and finally realizing that we BELONG here!  Barack’s presidency aolne says we BELONG here!  This land is your land, this land is my land.

And now Abe, I mean Barack has the onice to share that same spirit with the world!  His soaring oratory – like Abe’s – has the potential to heal and empower the world.  Abe wanted further reach and now he has it! Let’s just hang on to our seats and accept that the world is much more mysterious than we could have ever possibly imagined!

I used to be Josephine Baker among so many other characters you would probably love!  I brough joy and sexiness back to a hurting people and I continue that mission with JujuMama – Manifest Sexy!  Who were you?  Think on that!

Here is a pretty decent video with more…



  1. interesting…Barack also gave thousands to have brown babies aborted in urban communities.

    Comment by sep — February 19, 2009 @ 2:20 am

  2. Just wondered what he might like to do about the gays ?

    Comment by goodsexguide — May 20, 2010 @ 4:51 pm

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