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January 15, 2009

I Can’t Blog Barack Because of My Saddness

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s-sunday-crying-largeI want to go to the Inauguration and SEE Barack Obama.

I used to live in DC and I have not been back in a few years…

Now that the Inauguration is just days away, I find myself longing to be there…what should I do?

I haven’t been able to watch the news, I can not help myself for being sad about this.  I even received an ‘Invitation’ in the mail the other day.  I got my hopes up.  But it was just a silly old ad.

I’ll get over this, but please bear with me as I do.

Here is my open letter to our 44th President:

Bear Barack Obama (may I call you BO?),

I want to see you Barack Obama.  Do you understand the impact you have had on my life?  I am an African American women, but I am post-racial, just like you!  I believe that we can do this, like you, I believe that all human beings are ONE and that our destiny is to work this out together!  I am not able to leave my family, or business and travel right now.  I would give anything to be in the city with you, celebrate with the hundreds of thousands, maybe millions who will come to share you joy – our joy!  I would love to be one of the multi-colored faces of every race cheering you on.  We cheer the belief that this nation and this world is a good place!

Oh Barack, if only you could hear me.  I sent money to the campaign when they teased the notion of winning tickets to the ball and celebration.  But that didn’t quite pan out..I guess…I would send thousands, hundreds of thousands to you – tease or no tease – because I trust you BO…I trust you man!

I’ll be fine at home watching the celebration with my children, husband and dogs (thanks Tiko) But sometimes CNN just isn’t enough.  Holograms and all…

God Bless You Darling BO!

I love you,

Kenya K Stevens


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