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December 3, 2008

Trust The Man

Trust Barack - Trust Your Man

OK – Good Looks Aside…

Because I am a relationships coach, I had to liken this situation of Obama’s cabinet appointments Monday to a matter near and dear to my heart.  The issue is trust.  So often women are afraid to trust men.  We may give lip service to the idea of trust, but when it comes right down to it, in our heart of hearts, we are leery of trusting men.

We prove it every day.  We say we trust him, yet micro manage his choices and actions.  We believe that we have entrusted him with our very lives, but we question his choices, renege on supporting his choices (if we don’t like them) and scrutinize his every move.  Shameful.

Barack Obama has run the most intelligent campaign ever.  He not only defeated the Clinton machine, but he raised the most money, rallied the most diversity, and seemed to reinvigorate the entire planet!  Yes?  He did it from a centered, calm, resolute space of spirit.  He did not need to resort to cyber violence or force.  He accomplished his mission because he has the mental and spiritual fortitude to lead.  Isn’t it time that we trust him?


There have been situations during the campaign when we wavered in our trust for Mr. Obama.  Most recall the day after he accepted the Democratic nomination for President when Mr. McCain nominated Sarah Palin for the position of vice president.  We all gasped and secretly wished that Obama had chosen Hillary as a running mate to ward off Palin’s appeal to women.  You know you did it, you thought the thoughts!  Don’t try to hide it now.  You contemplated the ‘what if’s’.  What if he had chosen Hillary, we’d feel so much better right now…

For a week, at least, we all sat with our heads between our hands.  But then we saw Palin unravel, maybe just as Obama knew she would?  The unwed baby mama, the exorbitant clothes, the lack of experience, knowledge and Saturday Night Live – all the hilarious ways she imploded made us feel safe again.  But why wouldn’t we trust our man unconditionally, and from the start.  Why would we second guess Obama’s pick for VP?

Essentially, real trust looks like unconditional and unwavering belief in another human being, even in the face of the greatest adversity.  Ladies, if a man is making a huge choice based on ideas that only he understands, we must continue to support and trust him.  But many of us have never learned to do this.  To the contrary, we were taught in our linear, modern educational systems that every action must be analyzed; and picked apart.  Intuition and blind trust is a concept for hippies and Jonestown, right?  Logical analysis is the only way to make a choice.  If it ain’t logial to me – I don’t trust you or your concepts, ideas, suggestions…

Obama tosses this old, judgemental ideology out of the window.  Analysis is great!  But trust is Zen.  We should begin from the beginning with unconditional trust.  It’s called basic diplomacy.  It’s not naive.  What’s so wrong with trusting another human being to make the right choices?  Does this go back to a question of faith?  If we say we beleive in a higher power, then what is there to distrust.  We are all protected, right?

Barack Obama is a man of stunning depth, profound balance and amazing centeredness.  He is not choosing his cabinent based on ‘pie in the sky’ notions of Lincoln’s cabinet of rivals.  This is only one angle he takes.  It goes way deeper.  Obama’s thought patterns are that of the Zen masters of old.  He is using the Art of War to construct a core constiuecy who will move America out of her misery and back to a place of dignity in the world!

Another point to add is that when we choose to practice trusting others, we learn to trust ourselves!

I assure you, however, that practicing trust will take you out of your comfort zone.  You will have to give more than lip service to faith in something greater… Trust is the most soothing exercise to give your soul.  Practicing this sacred disposition, trust, can literally free us of fear, worry and stress.  We weren’t taught the law of unconditional trust in public schools,  now we will be lead from within.  We can now choose to trust Barack Obama to renew our trust the Universe itself.

To be frank, I didn’t want Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.  I cringed when the announcement came because I had told my husband that it wasn’t going to happen.  Even when she tripped to Chicago to meet with Obama, I told myself it was just for show.  He wanted to offer her a role, but my goodness, secretary of state?  No way!

So when he did it, and I saw the two together on stage I just had to submit – once again – to a man.  I submit to him and I allow him to make the choices he sees as best for this nation.  He has done well thus far, he has done more than well – the man has made bread of stone and healed the ill, straight up!  To become the President of the United States, even to simply win Iowa is an amazing feat for a man of his age, social class, race and background.

And forget about race.  The man is an international icon whom all people of higher consciousness resonate with.  He knows what is best and he is not in office to be changed by Washington, he is in office to change Washington.  Why is this so hard to believe?

Here is one final example of my trust for Barack Obama.  I live in Georgia.  The race for the Senate seat between Chambliss and Martin was close.  When I saw that there would be a run off I fully expected Barack to come down and serve as an anchor for Jim Martin.  I thought it best that Obama himself come rally the troops in Georgia to get out the vote one more time to secure a democratically run senate, filibuster proof and all that jazz.

Well, he didn’t show.  My trust wavered.  But not minutes passed before I reminded myself that there is always wisdom in his position.  Maybe he didn’t come to Georgia for this reason:  He didn’t want to push for a democratic majority with his full force to show all parties that it just does not matter.  What we need is not a voting majority, but a ideological unity that makes voting irrelevant.  Maybe instead of pushing for the upper hand in the senate, we need to come up with ideas that both republicans and democrats can agree upon?  How is that for Zen mastery?

Few thought of it this way.  Pundits never mentioned it.  But it came to me directly fro the Universe in the moment that I asked myself why wouldn’t he come to Georgia.  The angels told me.  Do you buy it?

Well, it doesn’t really matter.  Universal law is just that.  We have to trust that everything is going to be alright.  And I do.  I trust him, I trust you, I trust that this world is safe, healing and that we as American are exactly where we intended to be when we arrived.

Each of us came here for a reason.  Whether we are talking about the millions transported as slaves, the thousands who came seeking freedom from the King of England, or the millions who arrive each day looking for the promise of democracy, we are here, together, with a major purpose.

Let us trust that Barack Obama is our leader of sound mind and able heart and that our individual missions will be accomplished just as smoothly as Obama’s electrifying journey to the highest office in the land.

Blessings to you!

Kenya K Stevens



  1. […] Trust The Man Most recall the day after he accepted the Democratic nomination for President when Mr. McCain nominated Sarah Palin for the position of vice president. We all gasped and secretly wished that Obama had chosen Hillary as a running mate to … […]

    Pingback by Trust The Man at Hillary Clinton On Best Political Blogs — December 3, 2008 @ 3:17 pm

  2. I love the spirit of your blog, I also like, very much, your analysis on this issue. Thanks for your work! Bo

    Comment by Bo Campbell — December 4, 2008 @ 6:40 pm

  3. Found you through your comment on Huffington. I love, honor, respect (how about that) and trust him to be the Change. More people will come to know that too and they will trust in themselves to be the Change.
    And let’s tell the mainstream media to backoff and let the man have a normal family life.

    Comment by Betty Coppola — December 29, 2008 @ 10:44 pm

  4. He does looked pimp-out and bad-ass in that picture, doesn’t he? McCain would be getting out on all fours, getting his sweater vest snagged in the ashtray..

    Comment by jurassicpork — December 29, 2008 @ 11:24 pm

  5. If looks could kill – this ought’a do it for the USA…

    Comment by exclick — March 6, 2009 @ 5:32 pm

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