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November 9, 2008

Where Do We Fit?

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I couldn’t write for days – I had to quote pieces of poems.  I had to sit in silence.  I had to stay home.  I couldn’t recall who I had been the moment prior to the announcement.  I had changed in an instant and am indeed reborn.  Don’t worry, it wasn’t hard labor.  I have, for many years, foreseen the coming together of all peoples of all hue in the delightful work of healing the Planet and rekindling Love.  Love has never been lost, just remembrance of it’s trans formative, all encompassing power.

However, this moment was spectacular.  Not because at 47 years old, and 6′ foot 3′; intelligent as a whip, and delicious as apple pie, he had seized the moment, owned the day (year, century?) – not because he is so freaking awesome ~ stunning ~ magnificent ~ brilliant; not even because 44% of white Americans are just as ready as I am for mass awakening, the age of enlightenment; not even because I had voted for the first time in my entire life.  Spectacular as these details are for me, and even after three days of tears of joy and freedom dancing I couldn’t write.  I decorated my house with red white and blue balloons, one even said “God Bless America”; but I couldn’t write.  I purchased blue Hanukkah lights to hang near my extraordinarily large circular Obama Zen poster flanking my front door, but I couldn’t write.

I was only just now jolted back into writing by an email I received today…It’s all about Black Power


A good friend of mine from the West coast wrote to ask about Black Nationalism and how it bodes now that we have a Black President Hussain Obama.  We all know the lick, Black Nationalist believe that integration was unnecessary and destructive to the Black community.  Black nationalists believe that we have to separate and reclaim our culture as well as identify with ideas of racial pride that assert, as the Jewish tag line goes, ‘Never Again’.

I have been there.  My father being as militant as he was, and my heady Detroit background which drenched me in racial attitudes that deemed me ‘separatist’ from the age 13, I had a difficult time becoming post racial.  In Detroit we had our white people in check! I used to brag about it when traveling South!  I wasn’t down with integration either.  I saw the flaws in trying to force ourselves into an America that simply didn’t want us.  I thought myself a powerful victim (oxymoron?) forever at the hands of ‘the man’ and it didn’t feel good.  I would have to struggle and assert myself to succeed.  In fact, once I had completed my thesis as an African American studies major at Historically Black Howard University, you couldn’t have told me that one day I’d salute the flag, stand for the national anthem or integrate into a culture that I once despised.  I was literally kicked off my high school cheer squad for refusing to salute or stand for red, white and blue!  My parents didn’t allow us to wear those colors together!

It didn’t happen after the Obama win.  My shift in post-racial consciousness had occurred as early as 2000 when I first discovered the Law of Attraction and the ancient Law of Unity or Ausar (Osiris).  The Law of Unity states that human kind is literally ONE BEING.  There is no separation between me and you, black and white, yin and yang, male and female.  We are, essentially, one.  Toward the vast purpose of rediscovering our divine nature, we chose life on Earth together.  We represent mirrors to one another.  Even the most brutal man on Earth, if we know him or experience his wrath, is reflecting an element of our own character that must be purified.  That is the ancient Law of Unity or Law of Ausar:  Nothing is against me.  There are not good guys or bad guys, no victims and no villains.  We only attract who we are.  Know Thyself: We are ONE.

So what does all of this mean?  I am talking about the coming of a new era.  I want you to understand that there are those today – maybe the 9% of Blacks who didn’t vote for Barack Obama, who still would cling to the notion that somehow this is a trick.  Obama is too white.  He doesn’t represent the Black struggle.  He is out of touch with the Black community.  They want to cut his balls off;  Or maybe, like the text I received on election day (from a perfectly sane Black woman), feel he is a plant of the far right to fool us all!  A conspiracy?  Essentially, this is what the email today was all about. He was wondering if he could or should honestly celebrate Hussein Obama.  He wanted to know if it was safe to now salute a flag we have abhorred so long.  He wrote me because he respects my view and, as par for the course, I told the truth.  Here is my response to his questions:

Barack Obama is me and you and all of our ancestors and all the evolution we have mustered as the human race., even through slavery.  Slavery and the Black Odessy in America isn’t what many nationalist claim.  Slavery happened as all of our experiences do, because we made it so.  We created a passage to the new world to bring our spiritual teachings and wisdom to new shores.  We were seeking Unity, all of us, slave master and slave alike, we have always had the mission of world unification in our DNA.  After all, the worlds races originated from Lucy, sorry Ms. Palin, thus we are all kin.

It has long been time to release false notions of tribalism that would divide and dis-empower the human race.  We are ONE.  There is only ONE being, this is the essence of any native traditional African teaching.  I don’t know how we could forget that, even through the fire of racism.  I have been saying for many years that we are ONE, we can never separate ourselves from that which we have attracted – slavery, Jim Crow, and the like.  We attracted those situations to weed out of ourselves the very factionalism that some now endorse (separatists and non-integrationist).  Don’t believe that all our problems started with slavery.  This is not a viable view of human history.  And the issues didn’t end with the end of that era.  The modern era continues to evolve us.

A large illusion is the myth that we somehow failed when we chose integration over separation.  Sure on the surface it looked like the wrong path as it seemed forced and irrelevant in terms of helping our own community out of dire straits.  Out of the pot and into the frying pan it seemed we went as we integrated white society.  But there is no such thing as white society, there is no such thing as integration.  This has been a great illusion, but an important one.  It leads us back to this: There is only ONENESS and that ONENESS will always seek and indeed find itself through all of us, through all life experiences.  Love succeeds all of the time.  It’s not a fairy tale or a pipe dream.  Love unites us and Love will not rest until we recall her.  When we do – we chage the trajectory of individual and collective lives.  So these experiences, when placed in a larger context – the Universal quest for LOVE – become less painful and more substantial.

Pity those who think themselves so ‘African’ yet deny the very bottom line understanding of Ancient African Culture which has always sought to find the meaning of life, the purpose of challenges and the beauty of all experiences and individuals (regardless of race).  The ancient deity, Ausar(Osiris), says ‘nothing is against me‘ so what do we think of slavery?  How can a white man be a devil for behaving irrationally? And was the behavior irrational if the Universe itself was seeking through it the reunification of all races, even if painfully so. If all things serve to further and nothing is against us?  Is it that we would reject our own teachings?  Of course not.  Slavery was not against us – nothing is.  Everything serves to further… And I say this with all due respect to our ancestors.  They, in fact, have been the very authors of this reality in my spirit.

He asked me about 2012 in the email – to that I say this:

2012 is a marker of evolution that has of course started before now.  It is an intense process of becoming that will not end in 2012, but will continue until we all see that each of us, of all race and sex and class, have specific and individual talents, powers and useful gifts for the survival of humanity.  We can cure pollution, the ozone, racism, sexism, and all the world’s ills, but only when we realize our oneness.  In fact realizing our oneness is the cure to all the world’s “problems”.  Only when we realize that we ALL created ALL things for a reason – to realize our inate spiritual power – will we solve the mystery and begin another. That is the trick.  We have to know like the West African God Obatala knows, that we have no enemies.  There are no villains and no victims, there have never been factions, just mirrors of the anger and pain we must all purge from within.  That is what the white man has always blessedly bestowed upon us. The casting of a mirror is something we may not have wanted to accept, but has been our only savior.  (Recall the white man brought mirrors into Africa to trade along with the booze and sugar.  They brought the mirror as divine symbolism that they too are mirrors of us – some of us were in-fighting and so forth with the same seemingly illogical motives they had – It was time to wake up to who and we are!  Thank God for the white man, the middle passage and this journey to ONENESS.)  So of course we chose Barack to mirror truth and to lead the world into the age of Enlightenment – 2012.

And let us not forget that energy is neither created nor destroyed, so death is an illusion. We are all in tact.  Believe me.  They have not ruined our kind or harmed any of us beyond repair.  We recycle ourselves again and again.  We are the ones who have always been!  We have traveled through time.  Don’t believe the modern hype!

Next time I attract a nationalist who wants to blame the white man for his problems, I say ‘fine’.  I see the mirror.  I must still somewhere in me blame the white man for our problems but I will work even beyond the day I die to weed that sort of ill fated belief from my heart and mind.  For only well-being, love, possibility and expansion exist, the rest is the making of my ego.  Ego is the real force to be subdued and guided toward the light.  No ‘other’ has power to hold us back from the ONENESS that resides beyond the illusion of separateness cast by the ego.

None of you even exist.  There is only me which denotes we.  We are one and Beautiful Barack Hussein Obama is the creation of our collective sub-conscious minds to mirror new energy so many have been working to recall.  Among those working are the light workers of all traditions, all religions and all cultural, racial background.  Barack got 44% of the white vote, more than Kerry in 2004!  That means the critical mass stands ready to unite.  And of course I salute the red, white and blue.  The ancient principle, Ausar(Osiris), is the white, the ancient mother Auset(Isis) is the blue and the ancient son, Heru(Horus), of course, that epic hero is the red.  I belong here and have always believed in staking my claim to her bounty – USA!  Get on board folks, the time is now.

He also asked me why the Obama’s wore the traditional colors of the trickster or Satan on Stage Tueday Night – Here is my response:


And yes, the Obamas wore red and black, the colors of the ancient deity SET.   SET (satan) was an ‘enemy’ of Ausar (Osiris).  In ancient Egyptian teachings, SET was captured after he attempted to wage war against the God of unity – Ausar.  SET was sentenced to spread the truth of Ausar (unity) through the world using technology.  The Obamas are such, messengers like SET who dutifully complete the all important task – via the ‘InterSet’ (Internet) which his campaign used wisely – of spreading Unity to the masses around the world.  SET is obedient – even the ‘enemy’ of Ausar is obedient and we can safely conclude by the Obama’s choice of red and black that SET is on the job.  Like SET, Barack knows the language of the masses and speaks to the heart of mankind – even Ausar, the God of unity couldn’t do that.  Many have noted the number 666 came up in the Illinois lottery the day after the election.  They think Obama is the anti-Christ.  They are confused as to what an anti-Christ is…There is no such thing.  The anti-Christ would always end up saving the Christ.  Even his bad actions eventually fail and he is always put back to the work of uplifting LOVE which is the most powerful force on the planet.  Everything serves to further…

Recall Set only was sentenced to spread the truth once Heru defeated him in battle.  So the Red and Black clothing demonstrate the fact that the metaphysical ‘enemy’ of mankind has been defeated and here is the proof – SET is working for the people rather than against them.  Do you get that?  John McCain just didn’t get it, right?

The conclusion should be clear.  Long before Obama, we entered a new world.  Now we have evidence that it is so.  The new world was created with love energy from all races.  Love reborn looks like America.  America looks like the world!  So many people of all race sharing what we know with one another.  More and more we will find avenues for this mass coming together.  And to my fellow African-Americas, yes you can salute the flag, yes you can claim your stake here, yes you are free and able to have, do or become whatever you desire.  The choice has always been yours so choose!


Kenya K Stevens

Leave Your Comments and then continue your exploration…


Oh – Farakhan agrees with me…


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