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September 2, 2008

Barack Obama | Law of Attraction 101 | Four Easy Steps

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Obama Uses the Law of Attraction to Sail Above the Fray…

It’s always interesting to watch as Obama is magically transported from ‘would-be-harmful” attempts to derail his campaign.

Just this week there has been summoned a hurricane, a stork and thousands of Anti-War protests squashing the GOP objectives in a single swoop!

Seems Barack has the vote of Mother Nature, indeed – the Universe itself!

It looks easy and it’s a cinch to learn…It’s Basic Quantum Mechanics or Law of Attraction…

Discover the Steps – Then Leave a comment here on Hakashamut’s Politico!

Barack Soars

The Law of Attraction is a four step process to accomplishing any dream or mission:

Ask, Trust, Allow, Receive

Step One is to Ask. Asking for what we want is the easy part.  From the depths of Obama’s being, he desires Change which he defined poetically: The world as it should be, the good life awaiting all Americans “around the bend”. I assure you It’s Change Obama will get.  Have you asked for what you want?  Write it down, say it aloud, make speeches about it – put the energy into the Universe!

Step Two is Trust. We must know that in asking there is an innate response from the Universe itself: ‘Yes You Can’ have all you desire.  We must trust that all things needed are poised to be delivered.  Our Soul Level desires are supported by the Universe itself.  Obama has put his trust squarely in A Higher Power and in the power of the American people.  Over again he has stressed he is not worried about the election because he trusts us, he knows the American people echo his sentiments most and will make the choice to elect him come fall of this year.  Trust is something Barack certainly has – in Mother Nature and in Us!

Step three is to Allow. We must allow the specific feelings and visions of success to enter our minds constantly.  Here is what I mean.  We have to allow the feelings of accomplishment that we’d normally reserve for the end of the endeavor, to happen here and now, before we arrive at the desired end result.  It’s only made more difficult when we think of the struggles to be faced on the road to victory.  Often individuals chose to focus on the struggle, rather than evoke good feelings by mentally experiencing the end result NOW!  If only we were educated more thoroughly in Quantum Mechanics, we’d know the power of thought.  Allowing good feelings before the end happens is the very magnet that will drive to us all we desire!

I’d bet Barack is Allowing good feelings and positive visions of his desired end result.  It shows in his confidence, it shows in his choice of theme and demeanor.  To choose Mile High Stadium is a hint.  He seems to stay balanced as scandal and negativity find him.  He defuses much of the negativity by simply stating he will not stoop so low as to use such tactics.  Commendable behavior for a politician, indeed.

Allowing always attracts positive outcomes.  Have you noticed every attempt by McCain, Pundits and Bloggers to derail Obama are met with surprise endings?  Recall the Reverend Wright scandal.  Barack responded immediately with a speech on race, praised by pundits and politicians alike, giving him an early opportunity to appear presidential.  He also found in Wright’s further disturbing comments reason to morally split, stating that he and Wright simply did not agree on issues.  He was able to make a clean break from the good Reverend just in time to sway final primary results in which he emerged a victor.

Another instance of Barack Obama’s use of the Allowing is the attack ads from the McCain camp labeling Obama a celebrity and a ‘Messiah’ figure.  These messages were immediately downplayed as the world focused on the McCain gaffe about his seven homes, information that Barack didn’t have to contrive, bottle and sell, but rather insight reported from the mouth of the republican presumptive nominee himself!  Allowing has it’s advantages.  The Universe itself will defuse all objection to your dreams and desires and provide fertile ground for the gradual growth of your momentum toward success.  Allowing is the way.

The final incident that proves Obama’s Allowing is working is the latest ‘brilliant’ move on the Republican side to nominate VP, Sarah Palin.  On first sight, the pick seemed to check the historic and monumental success of Barack Obama’s Speech at mile high stadium Thursday night.  But not 72 hours into the whirlwind, the GOP’s momentum slowed as reports of her pregnant daughter, her membership in the AIP in which she was a leader in Alaska’s attempt to succede from the union, and her abuse of Alaskan power firing an innocent State Trooper began to emerge.

Even more ironically, Obama stepped into the center of the controversy to denounce the misuse of this information about Palin’s personal life; a perfect opportunity to show America what he is made of.  This incident of quick karma is a hallmark of the Obama campaign.  News turns in his favor, quickly.  It’s a metaphyical result of using the powerful Law of Attraction.  Are you allowing – choosing to feel good no matter what?  Now is the time.  Get it going on!

Step four is Receiving – Obama seems ready.  Obama has Asked for what he wants – A new form of government and a new commitment from the American people.  He Trusts the Universe will deliver – if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be running on hope.  He obviously reaps the benefit of Allowing, IE he feels good, stays in integrity and in sync with his philosophy.  Now Receiving is easy.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that receiving happens only once the goal itself is ascertained in it’s entirely.  Receiving is the simple moments of realization along the way, looking deeply into each moment of time to find the prophesy hidden in all experiences. Personally, I receive now, 64 days prior to the election, Barack’s victory!  Undoubtedly, he too is in receiving mode.

Obama will receive and achieve his end.  He is on course to take this election by storm. Everything that appears to be an Obama liability is transformed right before our eyes, almost magically, into a asset!  He will receive the presidency and the love and dedication of the American people who desire change.  After all, We the People are using the Law of Attraction to bring the Change we desire.  Keep in mind the Law of Attraction is a thought process we may not understand, but are always using.  Barack Obama has our hearts and minds and nothing can stop the unfolding our destined moment – his presidency.

Allowing and Receiving are inextricably tied.  Allowing is feeling good and knowing that our goals will manifest.  Receiving is finding in each new step of the journey the writing on the wall, being grateful for the daily signs that Success is Eminent!

Enjoy the rest of the presidential race.  Be prepared to celebrate on November 5, 2008.  Learn to use the Law of Attraction more actively in your own life and watch as the results amaze you again and again!


Kenya K Stevens

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Hakashamut – She Who Comes to Know Unity




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    I am a composer and I have written a number of music tracks based around positive visualization. I wrote them for myself to change my own life and get myself and my family out of the negative hole we were stuck in.

    My visualizations are VERY different from the regular wind chimes and flutes they contain rock guitar and dance tracks and they are all short 3 – 6 mins and to the point.

    I don’t know about you but I don’t have time to meditate for an hour a day but I can play 3 tracks every morning while I get ready for work. Many of my tracks are great to exercise to with up tempo beats.

    Transformation and creation come from quality visualization which in turn comes from repetition. Just like physical exercise reps build muscle in this case reps bring change.

    Let’s move the world to the creative paradigm.

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    Comment by Mike — September 3, 2008 @ 12:20 am

  2. I am a believer that Mr. Obama’s campaign and his journey is “divine intervention”. I understand that there was a group of “evangelical” supporters of the Republican party “praying for rain” the night of Barack’s acceptance speech where there were close to 100K people in attendance at an out door stadium! It was one of the most breathtaking sights I have seen in years!
    Keep the positive vibe going AMERICA! and especially BLACK AMERICA…It is working…remember, we ARE the difference in this election!

    Comment by Katurah — September 3, 2008 @ 10:29 pm

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