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August 25, 2008

Barack | Biden | Huge – It Is Destiny…

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Obama | Biden 08 | Intensity

Destiny draws near, stakes are high;  It’s time to believe and allow…

Don’t sleep.  Look around. Taste the ripe fruit – of course it’s sweet.  Unity lives!  A curious destiny unfolds today as we buzz with vigor, prepared to do battle.  We choose warrior armor because we know the truth:

Destiny isn’t a register of preordained circumstances. Destiny is a calling from deep within, summoning action on the part of its keepers…

We, the keepers of destiny have chosen!  Through our Quantum/Physical vehicles, through the power of thought, we bring to Earth what delights us.  There is joy in the unfolding, yet Destiny asks everything of us.  We consistently choose to release the past – knowing that release sustains and balances consumption.

We make the most difficult choice in the moments of our greatest fears and convictions – will we trust and believe, or shall we hold on to the past?  Shall we focus the seen or shall we focus on what is yet to be seen? Will we allow ourselves to now focus on that which stirs the longing of our hearts?

Shall we embrace the fervid love?

To believe and allow the goodness we have chosen in Obama/Biden, we must focus on feeling good.  So often in our lives the Universe sends the verdict as images, afterthoughts or vision.  We win – again – over and over in our minds! The next step has to be allowing it; believing, that it is already so.  We look with our eyes into what appears a cold world; a delusion of the mind we must steer.  We find ourselves fearful, hesitant to embrace the overwhelming facts:  Success is eminent in the everlasting now!

The fierceness of Mr. Barack Obama and Mrs. Michelle Obama and his attractive running mates, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Biden demonstrates who we are.  When we look out at them, we see our inner stories, our choices; our creation.  Just over 100 years since the emancipation, and here we are, together, we rise.  All races, all ages, people united for Change.  We set our sights high and accomplish our missions.  It has always been so – that Unity prevails for the good.

‘We’ is our surname, my friend. ‘We’ are the human family.  ‘We’ should be proud of our progress, ‘we’ of every race, creed and sex.  We should know that hope and it’s children are supporting us. ‘We’ are ONE being begetting Change.  ‘We’ is the ONE being seeing our reflection in our country men and women.  ‘We’ adore them because we are ONE with them.  The ‘we’ is all who can see what this really is, above the spin and fray.  We Believe.  We Allow.  We choose to receive the bounty long before we see it with human eyes.  We have vivid inner sight…See with these inner eyes today and always.

The point is to feel good.  Allow the thought of the end result today. We are producers and consumers, today, manufacture energy on behalf of our combined destinies.  Allow the creamy milk of the Universe to nourish you as you release the old in like quantity as you consume.  Choose to believe, in all, that we have aspired to and thus created in this awesome political time, space continuum…

If our power amazes you, just be still and recall what ‘we’ are.  If the magnitude of the moment eludes you, release the shield and bring out the sword.  There is no one else to do battle with except the giant within holding the past as enemy and the future a scary unknown.  The battle for dominion of thought is upon us – think well of us.  We are born victorious, even over ourselves.

Barack Obama has chosen his path.  He represents the story of our lives – change.  His words, from the very beginning, summon the courage to create a new Destiny.

We are subject to nothing.  Our role is clear.  The only question is what do you see?

As an honored observer/creator of life, upon what do you fix your focus?  Belief and allowing imply feeling good and knowing.  All other thoughts are released, my friends (a McCain-ism as not to leave him out), in the prevailing winds of love…

Change is, indeed, upon us.

Have a very happy day!

Kenya K Stevens
CEO JujuMama LLC

My Relationship Blog
My PodCast – Racial Harmony + Love


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  1. You rock ! Your message and words resonate with me at my core. Your words are reflections of my feelings of Barack whole campaign and Presidential victory. I would love to meet you and your husband someday. My wife and I live in the South Florida Ft. Lauderdale are and we are students of truth and prosperity teachings where ever we may find them.I am particularly attracted lately to the IChing system of Divination lately and I have been studying Mantak Chia’s teaching on the “Multiorgasmic Man”. I love your whole tantric prosperity law of attraction modality. I am am glad I came across your site as it is inspiring me to continue in my tantric practises and education and be the whole person (Unity Awareness) that I came here to be. Also love studying the Mayan/ Egyptian cultures and spiritual traditions.
    Love Emanuel

    Comment by Emanuel — October 19, 2009 @ 12:38 am

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