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July 4, 2008

Happy Quantum Independence Day

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Article By : Haksahamut

Quantum Independence Day!

OMG. Einstein is doing the Warrior Tongue Ritual! He must be celebrating Quantum Independence Day! This Traditional Warrior Pose symbolizes a powerful truth… He’s saying SCREW the ways of the Status Quo! I DEFEAT you! I am a genius, a God, a circumventor of what you think “reality” IS! I AM A QUANTUM WARRIOR! Check out this image of real Warriors making the same pose below…!



Amazing huh? They are preparing for battle! The battle is always for autonomy of thought!

It’s time to declare our Independence from realities that no longer serve us! For too long we have accepted our current situations – resigning ourselves to thinking “this is the way things are!”

NO MORE!! Stand up and fight, my friends – We are a Strong People! We are subject to nothing! We can no longer accept the notions being shoved down our throats! It’s time to create new realities with warrior force!

What I speak of is similar to the classic movie, THE Matrix. Human beings – the energy and power of Human Beings – forced to sustain a Paradigm where machine might has taken over the Earth! We powered the machines happily, most unaware of The Matrix and it’s lulling effect. We slept as the machines prospered from our TREMENDOUS ELECTRONIC ENERGY!

You are Neo! The Human Brain is the single most sophisticated machine in the world! More nimble than a Mac, sturdier than a massive server! The Human Brain is capable of literally – I DO MEAN LITERALLY – generating new realities!

Quantum Scientists know this – they know that there is no “out there” – out there! There is nothing holding your current reality, feelings and experiences in place except for your thoughts!

Currently mass suggestion is the only force informing our huge reality generators (brains). News Stories, Dogmatic Traditions, Childhood Dramas, Big Brother type Suggestive Technologies effect our personal creation of everyday reality. We are allowing mass suggestion to shape our beliefs! Thus reality is created in just ways big brother suggests; and, we feel helpless to improve our lives…pity.

Declare your Independence! You are free! You are Free to create Happiness and Peace in your life! You are Free to create Massive Abundance in the form of Cash, Euros and Yin! You are Free to create Wild and Passionate love in the form of Amazing Friendships, Soul Mate Synergy and Deep Healing Family Ties! You are Free to create Green Energy, Barack Obama as President, Racial Unity, Mass Abundance, Farms, Co-Housing BLISS, Open Spaces, Clean Water, Sound Bodies, Universal Health Care of Prevention, Massive Celebrity, Gigantic Fan Bases, Harmonious Lifestyles and anything else you desire – right now.

Warriors and Quantum Physicists alike hold their tongues to the world! They prepare for a battle in which SUCCESS is eminent! If you are ready to battle for dominion over the most powerful Machine in the world – your human brain – then get your tongues ready because you’ll have to deny and reject, ignore and belittle all that you see before you! Here’s my four step plan -Declare Quantum Independence!

Step One: Question Reality!!! All of the Time…

This is a quote from the scientific findings – Quantum Two Slit Experiment:

Bohr is basically states that “nothing is real unless it is observed.

Essentially what Quantum Scientists have found is that an electron – the basic unit of matter – is a wave of possibilities rather than a solid thing. This wave of potential only collapses into a particular behavior predicated upon WHO is observing it. Being observed means having a human brain with a certain BELIEF to watch it! The watching effects the electrons behavior! So experiments are subject to the beliefs of the observer. Electrons can change and do “new” things based on the beliefs of the observer.

Plainly put, this theory suggest that all material things – your house, your car, your lovers and your bank accounts – which are essentially bundles of electrons – are being shaped by the observer – you! They exist as waves of possibility until you look at them. What you expect to see is what you will find. The potential for any reality to change is based solely upon one’s point of observation, one’s expectations, or one’s belifs!

Don’t believe me! Watch this video, it really simplifies the theory:

Questioning Reality means beginning to shift your BELIEFS!

It’s like riding down the street and seeing the price of gas at $4.66 per gallon (I buy premium baby!). So you see the price and as the observer choose to question it. You look at a sign which reflects a real thing – the price of gas. But wait, this sign is a bundle of electrons reflecting a number! Who says that it reflects the actual price of gas? You begin to question the facts. Why are the electrons behaving this way – I don’t want the sign to show the price of gas $4.66. This is my reality! This sign can reflect whatever I want it to reflect! I question this reality! I no longer BELIEVE that gas costs $4.66 for premium! No way!

Sounds silly huh? You’d be considered crazy by your friends or maybe you consider me crazy for suggesting this. But when you question reality – when you bear your tongue at what appears before you – you become a warrior! You reject this notion of $4.66 gas and anything else you don’t want around you! REALITY is a GRAND ILLUSION. So why not have some fun! Begin rejecting reality. This is step one.

One question I get often – what about ‘other people’? Aren’t they affecting the electrons to hold the $4.66 gas image in place on the board? Sure they are, but just imagine this – NEWS FLASH – “The price of Gas is falling! The cost per gallon for premium is now $2.00!!! Starting August 5, 2008 you can buy this cheap GAS anywhere in the USA!” If every media channel toted it, and everyone believed it and expected it – it would happen! No matter what the price per barrel. Our Human Brains are simply that powerful!

Step Two: Create Reality

Now that you Question Reality you are becoming a Quantum Warrior! It is time to take the next step. Let’s Create a New Reality. You’ll start with something small. The mass sound bites keep our current expectations low in terms of actually being able to change our lives. No matter (no pun). We will simply begin with a small personal experiment that circumvents their coverage area.

Let’s use a simple technology I saw in the movie ‘The Secret’. Let’s use your bank account balance.

  1. Open your desktop and observe your bank balance.
  2. Look at those numbers again and again.
  3. Print the balance sheet on your printer.
  4. Decide what you want your bank balance to be. Now don’t get ‘crazy’. You have to think Quantum. We were not taught in grade school that we are reality generators, so take your time and start slow.
  5. White out the old balance and pen in a new believably larger balance.
  6. Change the date of the bank statement. Decide when you want this money.
  7. Make sure that the new number and dates represent your actual current potential. You know you could make X amount in X time if you were to have a series of fortunate efforts already in motion pan out correctly…
  8. Post this new bank statement next to your bed so that you can view it each night and morning.

All you have to do is view this document for at least 30 days!!! But if you want to add gusto to the project do these things…

  • Copy the New Statement and Place it all around your home in areas you stay a while like the bathroom.
  • Pen an affirmation (new belief) onto the statement like “Money flows to me easily!”
  • Say the affirmative statement whenever you look at the paper throughout the day.
  • Choose daily times to meditate on the statement, visualizing the happiness you will feel when the balance comes into reality.
  • Feel Good when you meditate, laugh, smile, simulate the future experience.
  • Join my eBootCamp for Manifestation to TRULY get POWERFUL ONLINE TOOLS that help advance your individual goals!!!

All things considered, you are now in the stance of Creator and Co-Creator of your life. You are co-creating with the Universe to bring those flexible little electrons into form. Money, bank balances, gas prices, none of these are real things. They are inventions of the mind held in place by powerful beliefs. Once we begin to effect these beliefs with the most powerful machine on Earth – the human brain – we become creators of our own reality.

Step Three: Live in the Reality you Created

Even before you see the results of your experience you have to ‘act as if’ you have succeeded. Does that mean go out and spend your saving expecting more money when the experiment pays off? NO! It simply means behaving as if you have all the money you desire. When bills come in, you say “oh yeah, I can pay these – I have infinite amounts of money”. Never mind whether you can pay them or not in that moment.

LIVE inside your new reality. Be clear that you are retraining yourself to believe! You have to ACT!

You are a drama king or queen anyways, just go for the Grammy! When a friend suggests you go on vacation with her in a few months – say “Oh yes girl, I will be there! I have so much money!”. When your boss suggests there may be pay cuts in the near future, you say “Oh – thats OK – I have infinite resources to bring me money – I am not dependent on a little old job!” [Maybe say that one to yourself, as not to offend your boss.]

Whatever the circumstance around money – you can begin to act as if you already have all that you need. This will line your observation of life to your new reality. If you are ABLE to observe from a new vantage point, the electrons will become able to bend in your favor. Cool huh?

Step Four: Ignore All Who Don’t Get It

Be warned, you will have friends who see your bank balance posters with affirmations as silly. They may poo-poo your efforts. Dont worry, you created them! You created them to help you understand the autonomy you have in life. You created them to help you choose your path more clearly. How clever of you, to create people who annoy the hell out of you in order to focus you more wholeheartedly on your personal objectives!

Thank Goodness for these friends. Here’s a little video instruction on how to deal with this crew of beloveds!

These steps can and WILL change your life! Don’t forget – I take 50 or more people through this process every month in my Boot Camp for Manifestation! August is full – But we are accepting August Enrollement now! Nine Quantum Steps – 28 Days to a New Life!!!

Happy Quantum Independence Day!!!

Kenya K Stevens



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  1. Brilliant!

    Comment by CunnyattinoDaf — August 3, 2008 @ 2:27 am

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