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April 20, 2008

Energy Splice – Not Sexy

By JujuMama Imagine A lovely All Night Luau on a Tropical Beach under the Full Moon in a world where people are sane and unified…Today I shared this personal fantasy with a friend. Oddly, she warned me to stop dreaming, to wake up to the real world where people are “starving”, the economy is “poor” and people have to “suffer” just to make ends meet. She asked me, begged me to for just once hush about desires, hopes, dreams. She was tired of my obsession with IGNORING REALITY (her reality – not mine). I guess she isn’t in it to win it. As for her accusations of my being out of touch with her reality: The question becomes is it possible to actually manifest all that we dream and desire while simultaneously being in touch with things we don’t want, focusing on situations that we don’t desire? I believe that our learned habit of complaining about “HARSH REALITY” while at the same time striving to accomplish our soul level desires is counter productive at best and schizophrenic at worst. I call it Splicing Energy Splitting focus between the actualization of our greatest desires and the silent surrender to our conditioned belief that our dreams will probably never manifest. We Splice our Energy when we dream big while also focusing on past “failures”, “empty” bank accounts, “recession”, and “rising” gas prices. We Splice Energy when we doubly project success and failure in the same creative moment. Most of us do it subconsciously. It causes nullification of our creative force! Splicing Energy is not sexy. Let’s get that under control! Let’s have a massive Wake Up Party! That’ll be my Luau! Do we truly believe that reality is OUT THERE happening to us while we are stuck in our puny minds suffering from the affects of someone else’s actions? What conspiracy, racism or sexism exists when we are the authors of every second, every moment, every square inch of our reality? Who is more powerful than us – who is sucking our essence? NO ONE!

However, what we focus on expands – so we could conceivably create someone to victimize us, eclipse our power and treat us badly. We are savvy enough to create villains to do exactly what we complain villains do. But why create chaos? Why cling to drama. Not sexy…

Give it up folks – we lose the ability to be subject to random foolishness in the moment that we decide to pay absolutely no attention to random foolishness! Could life be so simple? Well why not? Why do we believe that God is such a mean spirit? Who told us that suffering is noble? We don’t have to suffer – we can always choose to be at peace and create love in any given moment simply by shifting our focus – and what a ‘blessing’ we can choose our point of focus!!! So God is LOVE after all.

Splicing energy happens when we want wealth but constantly complain, recognize and acknowledge our perceived lack. Splicing exists when we decide that we desire love yet detest the men and women from our past, present or future. Splicing energy happens when we forget that we are on this Earth to succeed and that by virtue of BIRTH ITSELF we are successful! We are the avatars of old but we have forgotten to remember it. How about that?

I heard a perfectly lovely girl splicing when she told me in one breath that she wanted to find her ‘soul mate’ yet in the next breath lamented the FACT that there are simply no available men in Atlanta – that they are all Gay. BIG Splice. Not Sexy. How can ALL men anywhere be Gay? And what is so wrong about Gay? Gay men aren’t the reason she is single. Her thoughts of Atlanta’s male population limitations make her single. She could easily end the splice by saying “Finding my soul mate is going to be so easy in a town of so many gay men – I can more easily narrow down my selection when there aren’t sooooo many to chose from!” You see – she gets to be authentic about the population of gay men, but she chooses words that will not make her a victim to the large gay population. Word choice affects thought choice. Thoughts become Things!

We win at life when we don’t splice – we win when we see our beautiful past, useful fears, and fabulously lovely lies that society tells to us via the news as a blessing! When asked I say “what poverty? What lack? What senseless violence?” I simply don’t see it. I see fantastic poverty that will aid mankind in figuring out how to have everyone wealthy – perfect lack that will lead us all to know our bounty – and amazing violence that leads us to transcendence. What lies on the news? There are no lies – just fabulous opportunities for us to take and reshape this place over and over again and we will get it right! Fabulous!

[Some people say – well, you aren’t in poverty so you just don’t understand. Those are the ones who have no idea where I have been in my life and how I transcended those places. And I would never share those places in a way that makes me a victim because all of those places made me AWESOME and WISE…]

You’ve heard the old lick. Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil. What do you think – that’s just a Jewish lullaby? It not a lullaby. It’s raw truth instructing us on how to become AVATARS once again – defeating any perceived imbalance in a single bound with the power of thought and the muse of Attraction!

So how can you stop the energy splice?

See that there is always fortune in what looks like misfortune…

Reach to find the positive in everything your mind would cast as negative…

Enjoy the little glitches of life – ask yourself when you are feeling badly – “what am I learning?”

Realize that Setbacks can be BIG Set Ups for AWESOME Come Backs!

The American Experience has done a great job at leading us all back to our most helpful tool – the imagination! When in fear or anger – imagine the end result that you desire rather than focusing on the strife at hand! Be NEO dudes! Be the one who rises above the fray using the power of thought to his advantage. You are the one who can shift the useful fears, uplifting depression and enlightening worry to create ever present and happy tomorrows!

You can save the world by shifting your thoughts! That is how powerful you are! Believe that we are unified – open to the goodness of mankind – See the God in everyone no matter what their race, creed or nationality. We want it whole. Whole world Peace. Yes?

So end the splice… Sexy is as sexy does.



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  1. Greetings Hakashamut and Rakhem (Kendra and Carl),

    I enjoyed reading your blog.

    “Energy Splice, not Sexy”. Interesting! I have not of these word combination before.

    I too look for the positive in all of God’s creations.
    I also ask myself, what am I learnng when I face a challenging situation.

    Nice pictures of you and your children!

    Give my regards to Joann and Al.
    Hope Joann is doing better!

    Carolyn Woods of D.C.

    Hope Joann is doing better.
    I send my

    Comment by Carolyn Woods — April 21, 2008 @ 9:22 am

  2. I am amazed. I had a student worker who used anything bad as
    being not sexy. When i read that today i realized that i was at that moment in my life to get to reading this from a good friend who sent it to me. I am going to be more careful with
    my thoughts from now on. We are all amazing beings and can
    do way more than any of us realize. This is a great positive

    Thank you,
    Amy from Wisconsin

    Comment by Amy M — April 21, 2008 @ 2:24 pm

  3. Positive thought is the way to live life, however – instead of fantasizing, dreaming, thinking, manifesting, projecting, attracting and the like – how about getting up and living it by taking positive ACTION ??????

    Dream big, reach for the stars, go for the end of the rainbow – but know what? Cliches are nice and unless you get up and do it you get nowhere fast. Thinking it and fantasizing about it is great filler.

    Your friend tells you that you live in a fantasy not because your thoughts and ideas are off but likely because just thinking about it doesn’t make it real. Do it. Stop just talking about thinking about it, get up, take action, do it, live it. Always think positive but the action part fullfills the life.

    Comment by Action Jackson — April 30, 2008 @ 12:06 pm

  4. I embrace the knowledge, understanding and use of “energy”. I do understand that all energy (positive and negative) causes an effect. I choose to create positive energy….although I am aware of the existence and effect of negative energy in the world, and choose to help transform those conditions were I can. This conscious awareness create balance in my sanity. It is the fundamental principal of Compassion. War, Starvation, Oppression, Poverty, and etc are “REALITY” in this world. I feel that our evolved awareness will be more appreciated and accepted of others, if we articulate striving for the ideal; while having an awareness of the real with a purpose to transform it.

    Comment by Walt — June 2, 2008 @ 1:28 pm

  5. Positive and negative are opposite sides of one whole unit. One will not exist without the other. It is my belief that instead of striving to be one or the other, we should learn how to incorporate both modalities of our potential to create fruitful ends. When I think of the concept of ideal, I think of the existence of full despite the perception of any mode being positive or negative. The only way I can see the full range of potential being potentially harmful is when one is indicisive. Even with this, however, it is only a matter of time before breakthrough occurs. Without having been indicisive, how can one know the TRUE value in being decisive. From this perspective, can being indicisive be truly counterproductive, or is progress just not happening according to the egoes perspective? All-in-all, what we may define as negative can be redifined in some way and used as a tool. I think we place too much emphasis on weighing whether something is positive or negative. Perhaps we should begin looking at perspectives as being eithe Optimistic or Pessimistic instead. It is the perspective and the actions that come from maintaining the perspective that determine the outcome.

    Comment by Menra — August 15, 2008 @ 1:26 pm

  6. “Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil. What do you think – that’s just a Jewish lullaby?”

    A Jewish lullaby? I think I’m pretty smart most of the time, but what does that mean? I have never heard a Jew say that. And Jews have always been at the forefront of hearing and seeing evil and addressing it with positive action. It’s why we get in trouble. It’s kind of like our purpose in life: stay balanced always but keep eyes wide open, see everything, fight injustice where you find it. “Protect the widow and orphan,” as the Torah says. It is the way of life that makes US feel happy and complete and successful.

    Comment by Chaya — October 31, 2008 @ 1:25 am

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