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March 17, 2008

Do We have the Wright?

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By : Kenya Stevens

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The Spring Equinox is upon us! I write this full moon Message a few days prior so that you can prepare for Friday’s awesome event. There are fantastic things happening in the Universe right now and we are all reminded to watch our lives and times carefully juicing the moral of the story. And it’s OHHH so juicy – wouldn’t you say?

I love to look at this Barack Obama candidacy as a subset of events that are going on in the collective conscious of human beings everywhere. Sure, this is juice for all of us! Share the Love and have a sip. Pour libation with the stuff!Here are some interesting remarks that link, Pastor Wright, Barack Obama, and the Spring Equinox – not to mention the 8000 Native American drums that ring this Friday! Whoo!

The question, as we pull into spring 2008, is do we really have the right – the duty, even – to hold fast to a history we loath, that represses us and that doesn’t allow us to step out of ourselves into the world of self determination? And will relaying tales of the America that we feel bound to really do justice to our ancestors – black, white, native America or whichever? Is it appropriate, I mean, to do as Wright has done in only a few obtuse sermons, I am sure, retell “the facts” with the anger of a rejected child? Will this retelling – is this retelling meant to heal us?

As the equinox approaches I ask myself these questions again and again

It is similar to this analogy. Is your bank account on ‘E’ or is your mind on ‘E’? Is there a recession of currency or is there a recession of creativity? Is there the violence in the streets or a violence in the soul?

Where is the HUB of reality creating the FACT and TRUTH that we all think we know about? And when we decide that something is FACT – is it in that moment that it becomes so? Or was it already a thing, fact, sitting there, fat with our feeding it, knowing that it will always remain so?

Why do we seem to continually decide that a history we don’t live anymore is still effect us?

I believe that Pastor Wright is free to think as he may. But me. I want to get to the core of the reason why I would actually agree with the good Pastor who in March of 2008 – the dawn of a new day – hangs on to the weary images. Why would I say AMEN to his rhetoric?  The past is not my security blanket.  Knowledge and retelling of it doesn’t ensure anything – doesn’t create anything except more of the same.  I want to create new and fantastic tomorrows!  To create in this way requires an expectation for newness.  This new expectation must permeate my identity.

Does the emotional recounting of past events actually rob me of my new identity, or is it helpful in some obtuse way?

I want to examine this because it is the time of the Spring 2008 equinox – change is upon us all.

The equinox is a time to rejoice over the unseen. We have yet to see many of the things that we all desire – unity, peace, love, a country where we all prosper, excel and enjoy life. Some were surprised to see Obama make it this far ‘in their lifetimes’. We are here on Planet Earth, together, to make to make life the way we want it to be.  We’re all doing it, for doing the opposite ensures failure – it’s called Change.   Is change possible if our facts are still concurrent with yesterday’s news?  I dun know.

Is it a fact that the Tulips are indeed there underground waiting to push up into spring? YES! And so we rejoice. Is it a fact that the cherry trees are blossoming again, bragging of fruit in summer? YES! And so we celebrate the Cherry Blossom. So what makes the tree which is dead in the winter come alive again and blossom in Spring – And what makes us so sure that it will happen again this year and next? Is it the expectation and celebration of the fruit – the soul level desire to taste it’s goodness or is it the FACT that last year it happened and so it will again this year? In either case, we stand as creator of the event!

Thus the ‘ritual’ of the spring Equinox is to celebrate the unseen and thereby bring it into existence!

Pastor Wright’s unfortunate words and their attachment to Barack Obama’s image is something within us that screams for healing. We’ve all been thinking about this and here it is – a crossroads for the nation. On the verge of this great movement we are confronted with our old expectations – that our terrible history as a nation will repeat itself or cannot be absolved.  And we know that as long as we expect it, even if it is an expectaiton that runs parallel to this new paradigm of unity, that it must come about – just as the Cherry Blossoms must flower.

We are all being asked – what do we want our future to look like? Do we want to celebrate words that literally create more of the same? Or do we want to celebrate a CHANGE that we are all a bit afraid of. Well certainly, since this is the reality of the moment – the collective sub-conscious is at that crossroads. We are at least ready to make a choice. Maybe, as painful as it is to watch, we are seeing that our hope for real change is hampered by our buried fears of the past repeating itself which it must if our focus remains there.

During this Spring Equinox it is time to remove this from our collective consciousness. It doesn’t take heavy labor. In fact, it can be removed with pleasure and glee. All we have to do is replace the old images with new images. We can replace the old rhetoric with loving new voices that ring in a new existence. Yes We Can.

Friday voices will raise in the form of 8000 drums – this is the Equinox celebration that I encourage all of you to participate in. Heal the old images. Create a new image of life!

But not without a fight! Right? Sometimes it is hard to let go of the past and expect something better. It feels as though we are betraying ourselves – becoming vulnerable and opening to attack. Selling our ancestors out. But that is not what the ancients knew when they celebrated the unseen year after year at the equinox, thus creating the future. The ancients knew that what we celebrate, we insinuate. And what we insinuate we create!

So to put things into perspective and give some instruction on how to live the equinox in a way that will not only free Barack Obama’s presidential run from the fears that resides in all of our sub-conscious, but free will you from the past and allow you to unfold a new future.

(He is a brave man to be out there calling up all of our inner demons – yes?)

March 21 is called the Spring or Vernal Equinox. This date has strong ties to religious celebrations, both ancient and modern. All you have to do to import the bounty of this glorious day is to decide what you want your crop to be and dream about it, meditate on it, draw a picture of it, pray into it on the Equinox Day.

Hence, the Easter Egg. The date is significant in Christianity because Easter always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. The Easter Egg also – like spring – holds the promise of something new. There is something new for us when we believe. We paint the egg as we paint our desires for greatness in springtime. We want a fresh new crop to begin where the old got tired and died in winter. We want fresh energy where the old just cannot and has never been meant to last forever.

Pastor Wright – I hear you and I understand the hurt. But my facts are new right now. I insinuate/create a future that will house me – a post racial Black girl – blissfully. I am ready for change and I thank you Pastor and Barack for being the vessels through which I can glare into my own sub-conscious pain. I too divorce myself from this past that only exist in our minds. It is time for forgiveness, time for unity, time for peace and time for me to finally believe that I can get beyond even my self and raise my vibration to that of the Avatars who have walked this Earth in peace! My ancestors would be proud – and they have spoken today!

Blessings to you all and Happy Full Moon!

Kenya Stevens



  1. I am just testing the comments. This is my first blog…OK?

    Comment by hakashamut — March 17, 2008 @ 10:02 pm

  2. We met a good many months ago at Sugar Hill through one very blissful lady.

    Enjoyed your blog thoroughly. Your blog crossing my path this morning is such a happy co-incidence :). It resonated with me. For the last couple of days I have been contemplating children’s ability to live in the present and create their world effortlessly. As children we have this ability to effortlessly live in the place\space there is – now. We forget to remember as we get older.

    Looking forward to more of your blogs. Namaste.

    Comment by Jay — March 18, 2008 @ 12:48 pm

  3. Greetings Sistah,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your blog and am inspired to move into the spring with the expectation of seeing many of the seeds that I have sown come to fruition. Thank you for your insight on us Having The Wright… to consciously create our reality.

    Love and Blessings,

    Comment by Ife — March 18, 2008 @ 1:54 pm

  4. The REAL sadness of Wright’s words are that they are TRUE – that is why it caused such a sting – first, Obama should not be held accountable for what Wright had to say – but it brings about the old practice that we are all responsible for each other in the White world, which leaves them without any accountabililty for the horrible act of slavery, every group of people can cry out in pain except us, you would never, ever hear Jewish people say that to mention the holicoust , again and again is crazy – they and every other group of people know that you cannot decide what part (not matter how ugly) of their past should just be obliterated – as Dr. Martin King has been known for saying in one of his speaches – The truth tramppled to the ground will rise again and that is simply what Wright is saying no one is saying that what he is saying is not truthful – they (including “us”) don’t want to hear it – but, it is close to impossible to ignore that part of history that is ugly – mostly when it surely has a bearing on our present behavior – like I’ve heard Spike Lee say, in response to whites always saying how angry we are, “Every black man in American ought to be angry” that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be destructive with your anger as much as you have had enough – it, for example if I’ve had enough unrest, then peace as an alternative is all I will settle for, if it just doesn’t set well with me to see hungry people I might just start feeding them!!!!

    Comment by Gwen — March 18, 2008 @ 5:11 pm

  5. Good food for thought! “I too divorce myself from this past that only exist in our minds. It is time for forgiveness, time for unity, time for peace…” Wonderful affirmation. Thank you for sharing!

    Comment by .::zi::. — March 21, 2008 @ 9:57 pm

  6. Interesting blog you have here. Thanks for commenting on mine; even though I disagree with you.

    Comment by OMGIAMGOINGNUTS — August 14, 2008 @ 12:42 pm

  7. Very interesting blog. I have to say that i do agree with you on some points. I often wonder if we are allowing our selves to be forced into a victim role. I do believe the history should be taught. I believe our children need to know, but maybe not for the reasons that most have in their hearts. I believe in telling my children about the Kings and Queens we were, the slave system we were forced into and how we faught and how we continue to fight. I look at slavery and I see it as something that I can truly use Sista Maya Angelou’s words….Still I Rise.

    Having said that I do see where Rev. Wright comes from. It is the ol’ school. It is something that a lot of our elders hold on to. To be honest, if I had to go through a lot of stuff he and other elders and acients had to go through I have to wonder how forgiving would my heart be. Since most of my family is from the south, I know the pain they have felt.

    It is time for healing. It is time to uplift our community with out putting others down.

    Ire o. Mo dupe
    Ogechi Amadi Fowler (your former daycare provider)

    Comment by Ogechi (Kim) — August 19, 2008 @ 12:56 am

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