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November 28, 2009

Obama Zen

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We see it every once and again

It’s beautiful… It’s Obama Zen

The light of truth and the calm of the heavens

Resonate with me in my core…

When he speaks to me

I hear that voice

The voice of pure and enlightened choice

The choice is calm, what has always been

The choice we made for Obama Zen…

I love to know that I trust this man

I love to know the free world is in his hands

I enjoy the way he deals with trouble

He keeps the peace ~ the man is love, doubled…

If you cannot feel the Obama Zen

Just think about it, now and again

It’s the ability to use one’s power

It’s keeping the vision clear in the darkest hour…

Obama Zen is on the rise,

It’s the ability to comprimise

It’s the ability to see that everything is good

It’s the courage to live just as we should…

Obama Zen, you win!  Everytime.


May 13, 2009

Our President Example of How Selfishness Lead to Prosperity

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By Curtis Duncan

What? Are you telling me that one of Obama’s keys to his financial success is the fact that he is selfish? Yes, I am. Hey, the guy is a millionaire and as you can see from his latest tax returns he gave about 6 percent of his income to charitable works.


That is commendable. I highly respect the notion of his giving to and supporting different charitable causes. I would say that giving is a big part of increasing and expanding your abundance. Now, you might be thinking, well isn’t it wrong to be selfish. Is it though?

Is it really wrong to look out, care, and love one’s self to the extent that no one else’s well-being around you matters? Why is being selfish wrong too? It is all a matter of your beliefs but the fact of the matter is that you cannot create in anyone else’s life experiences nor do you have the ability to make anyone else happy. So if that is true, then wouldn’t being selfish be a natural way of “being” for us…


April 17, 2009

The Politics of Possibility

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By: Curtis Duncan

The photo above is a prime example of the changing paradigm amongst humanity in embracing and celebrating possibility. The text above reads the Black Royal Cop could have never imagined that he would be escorting a Black American president in the British corridors of power. In his frame of reality, this was not possible. However, the election of a Black American president within the content of American history proves that any and all things are possible. As a matter of fact, one of the President’s main campaign slogans was “Yes We Can” which reflected the power of possibility. However the belief in possibility and phrases such as “Yes We Can” are huge when you understand the Law of Attraction and how our beliefs literally shape the reality we perceive to be real.

Science has now proven that we live in a world of infinite possibility. What scientists have discovered is that EVERYTHING in the Universe is energy and that all energy is connected to one single energy field. All the energy in the Universe is connected to this field, me, you, Obama, your cat, and a hamburger. Within in this energy field, infinite possibilities exist. Science, quantum physics to be specific, tells us that this energy in the Universe exist as both waves and particles often simultaneously. The waves are what we call invisible but that does not mean that they are not real or do not exist. They are just not real to us. The particles are what human beings perceive as solid, our chair, our bodies, computers, etc. However, what we perceive as solid or as “real” also exist as waves too. Now what makes the infinite waves form into particles? You. Science also tells us of the phenomenon known as the observer effect. Through our observation of these waves, we actually form the particles or solid objects we perceive as real. Now when our attention is not on these objects, these objects actually cease to exist in our physical world since they become waves of pure potentiality. Through our attention to these waves again is how these waves become particles or “reality” again. To sum it up in regular Joe terms, you are literally a “movie projector” and what you see in your reality is coming from within you!


March 17, 2009

The Madoff “Victims” and The Law of Attraction

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The Law of Attraction and The Madoff Scandal

By Contributing Writer: Curtis Duncan


The situation regarding Bernie Madoff and his “victims” is no accident when you understand the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that you attract that which you are in vibrational resonance with. The Universal law is always at work for everyone just like gravity is and is not a respecter of persons but responds to vibration. My intention with this article is examine some of the possible ways in which the Madoff “victims” attracted the circumstances in which they lost significant life savings or more. This article is not about demeaning or blaming those “victims”. I intend to examine how these circumstances could have been possibly created via the Law of Attraction. I will examine the role that limiting beliefs play in creating certain “accidents” in our lives too.


March 11, 2009

Zen Earmark Reform | No More Baby and Bathwater

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By: Kenya K Stevens

For so long many African Americans have retained a sense of indignant hopelessness on the issue of race relations in this country.  While I am a preacher of love and forgiveness, many of my race hold fast to the past viewing all White Americans or rather White America is the enemy ~ as though reform is not an option.

It reminds me of today’s story “Obama To Sign Bill Including Earmarks ~ Claiming Earmark Reform Needed”. The people have responded.  Democrats, and of course Republicans, have their stomachs in a knot.  So Obama signs a bill which includes Earmarks, now he is trampling sacred campaign promises?

I think not!

For too long the American public has held simple minded views of politics and race in this country.  It is simple minded, in my opinion, to blame all white individuals for racial oppression.  It is more stimulating [for me personally] to find the usefulness, beauty and joy in relating to all Americans with civility and trust – even as some European ancestors did the deeds some chose to wear as scars on our backs.  But accepting this as a new day,  we can choose to find value in individuals of all race.  Obviously a view not as forth coming as it could.  We toss the baby with the bath water when we refuse to believe in the concept of reform.

Same goes for the Earmark spending of the past.  Sure, Earmarks have been used to fund out of control, and anonymous projects.  Sure, in the past there have been clear lack of transparency and integrity among those who used American tax dollars for unscrupulous purposes.  But often times, Earmarks are a powerful vehicle for change in small districts, special projects and government offices.  So shall we toss away Earmarks all together, just because some have abused the system?  Baby and bathwater again.

Whats more is the sheer lack of respect some give President Obama when he takes the enlightened, Zen, path by enlivening even a failed format to produce fresh and lively change.  The bill he signed today had been on the table for a year!  He signed it because it will help the American government continue to do it’s job.  Earmarks and all, the bill will do good, not more good than harm – just GOOD.  And he promises to bring Earmark spending into the light of day so all of us can see the usefulness of our tax dollars and not be bamboozled by government vampires.  He promised to reform the Earmark.  Zen.

But the simplistic view is this:  The man said he was against earmark spending and here he goes signing a bill to include earmark spending.  I do not like it! Sad state of affairs when we put so little trust in our own choices (president, yes, we chose him) that we second guess him into a no win situation.  We need to allow the man to do his job, stay learned on the current issues, and trust he is doing the very best he can, as promised, for the American people.  Why is this so difficult?

I guess for the same reason African Americans have a difficult time moving away the sting of slavery.  Sure, now is the time to release the past and move on to new frontiers.  Now is the time to embrace a new and empowering format of thought – Nothing and No One is against me, I can have, do or become anything I desire.  But that takes spiritual work and so will trusting President Barack Obama with the future of the free world.  I think we can do it.  Yes We Can.

Read Obama Earmark Reform Remarks Here.

March 8, 2009

Law of Attraction and Politics

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Politics are mirrors of our collective consciousness or unconsciousness

By Curtis Duncan


Politics is always a hot topic in America. With the election of President Obama, people seem to have a renewed hope and belief in the political process. My intention in this article is not to propagate any political belief or persuasion but to examine politics from a quantum perspective. My intention in this article is also not blame anyone including politicians for anything because we are all creators whether we know it or not.

From a Law of Attraction standpoint, us, as US citizens, create a mirror (politician) of our collective vibration. So this means that a political leader will never come into office that is not a reflection energetically of the people he or she is representing. This would violate Universal Laws which can not be done, you can try though. Since we always attract on a national scale what we are in vibrational resonance with, what forms our vibrational resonance? Simple, our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings form our vibrational resonance and then our words, actions, and physical reality are reflection of this vibration. For example, let’s say a person believes in lack or scarcity. This individual believes in lack, think thoughts based in lack, feels lack, takes actions based in lack (competition, “conserving”), speaks about what they do not have or is missing, and consequently creates a holographic projection (reality) that is based in lack. Some will say, “well, look at my reality, there is lack”. But Quantum Engineers like us ask “what is the cause of this reality?” The answer is our collective vibration.


Okay, this sounds great but how does the collective vibration play into the political arena. Well, are not our politicians reflections of our collective beliefs?  Do not our politicians believe in competition or discuss how there is not enough resources in the world to support our habits? Politicians are merely reflecting back our inner beliefs. Now, everyone in this country might not have this concept or belief in lack, but the so-called disparities between the rich and poor reflect the idea that many people in this country do have this concept (lack). It is not that there is some grand conspiracy by politicians to make us believe in lack, but their beliefs or policies are merely a reflection of the beliefs or vibration that we often picked up when we were children…


January 19, 2009

Why Won’t They Just Say It!

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s-obama-and-lincoln-large1Why is it that pundits speak of the similarities between Barack and Abe without fully comprehending the fact that energy is neither created nor destroyed?  There is no such thing as Death. There is only Transition.  Transition is actually tangible.  This is not an esoteric notion.

Barack Obama WAS Abe Lincoln ‘in a past life’. Why is this unfathomable?  Do you feel creepy when I say that?  Who were you in your past lives, where was your energy when it was not destroyed but transitioning into another form for the past one million years (maybe longer)?  We cannot go on holding to old beliefs while intuiting the obvious.

I just wish some brave soul would simply come out and say it.  As I wish, I realized that I am that brave soul and here I am saying it!  This man is the other!  Look at the structure of the eyes, lips and nose.  How creepy is that?  Don’t sleep on this or pretend as if I am just some airy fairy DIVA with a hippie flower on my shirt.  No way.  I am a scientist.

Can you be that too?  Ask yourself.  Why would Abe Lincoln not come back as Barack Obama?  He had a double focus – to free the slaves and to heal the union.  Barack Obama is completing that mission.  He is healing the riffs between democrats and republican, last vestiges of the civil war brutality.  And he is freeing the ‘slaves’.  African Americans everywhere are crying their pain out, embracing a new day, and finally realizing that we BELONG here!  Barack’s presidency aolne says we BELONG here!  This land is your land, this land is my land.

And now Abe, I mean Barack has the onice to share that same spirit with the world!  His soaring oratory – like Abe’s – has the potential to heal and empower the world.  Abe wanted further reach and now he has it! Let’s just hang on to our seats and accept that the world is much more mysterious than we could have ever possibly imagined!

I used to be Josephine Baker among so many other characters you would probably love!  I brough joy and sexiness back to a hurting people and I continue that mission with JujuMama – Manifest Sexy!  Who were you?  Think on that!

Here is a pretty decent video with more…

Did Obama Use Ancient Finger Technology To Win?

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Discover The Secret How President Barak Obama

Did It…

Amazing Secrets Suppressed For Centuries Allow You To

Develop Overnight Charisma, Attract Thousands of

Raving Fans, And Fulfill Your Concealed Potential.

The Secrets of Finger Healing Have Been Kept From You For Centuries

They Are Simple, They Are Powerful, And They Are Yours For Free If You Like.

Check out this video – Very Interesting…


Well, what do you think?  I believe in the Quantum!  I guess I have to check the finger healing website now…cioa!

January 15, 2009

I Can’t Blog Barack Because of My Saddness

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s-sunday-crying-largeI want to go to the Inauguration and SEE Barack Obama.

I used to live in DC and I have not been back in a few years…

Now that the Inauguration is just days away, I find myself longing to be there…what should I do?

I haven’t been able to watch the news, I can not help myself for being sad about this.  I even received an ‘Invitation’ in the mail the other day.  I got my hopes up.  But it was just a silly old ad.

I’ll get over this, but please bear with me as I do.

Here is my open letter to our 44th President:

Bear Barack Obama (may I call you BO?),

I want to see you Barack Obama.  Do you understand the impact you have had on my life?  I am an African American women, but I am post-racial, just like you!  I believe that we can do this, like you, I believe that all human beings are ONE and that our destiny is to work this out together!  I am not able to leave my family, or business and travel right now.  I would give anything to be in the city with you, celebrate with the hundreds of thousands, maybe millions who will come to share you joy – our joy!  I would love to be one of the multi-colored faces of every race cheering you on.  We cheer the belief that this nation and this world is a good place!

Oh Barack, if only you could hear me.  I sent money to the campaign when they teased the notion of winning tickets to the ball and celebration.  But that didn’t quite pan out..I guess…I would send thousands, hundreds of thousands to you – tease or no tease – because I trust you BO…I trust you man!

I’ll be fine at home watching the celebration with my children, husband and dogs (thanks Tiko) But sometimes CNN just isn’t enough.  Holograms and all…

God Bless You Darling BO!

I love you,

Kenya K Stevens

December 22, 2008

Speaking Of Trust – Stand By Me!

Yes – I think we can stand by him, stand by one another and stand by our dream of hope, dignity and healing of all mankind.  Yes we can heal the racial divide, yes we can heal partisan politics, gay rights, yes we can reshape this world!  The time is now – trust that!  It is inevitable…

December 3, 2008

Trust The Man

Trust Barack - Trust Your Man

OK – Good Looks Aside…

Because I am a relationships coach, I had to liken this situation of Obama’s cabinet appointments Monday to a matter near and dear to my heart.  The issue is trust.  So often women are afraid to trust men.  We may give lip service to the idea of trust, but when it comes right down to it, in our heart of hearts, we are leery of trusting men.

We prove it every day.  We say we trust him, yet micro manage his choices and actions.  We believe that we have entrusted him with our very lives, but we question his choices, renege on supporting his choices (if we don’t like them) and scrutinize his every move.  Shameful.

Barack Obama has run the most intelligent campaign ever.  He not only defeated the Clinton machine, but he raised the most money, rallied the most diversity, and seemed to reinvigorate the entire planet!  Yes?  He did it from a centered, calm, resolute space of spirit.  He did not need to resort to cyber violence or force.  He accomplished his mission because he has the mental and spiritual fortitude to lead.  Isn’t it time that we trust him?


December 1, 2008

White House Butler – An Amazing Story

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White House Butler

White House Butler

CLARK, The Washington Post

Eugene Allen, 89, a retired White House butler, tries on his old tuxedo for a photo. Allen, who served eight presidents during a period when America’s racial history was being rewritten, is marveling at the election of Barack Obama. Now retired, he started when blacks were in the kitchen. By Wil Haygood
November 7, 2008

Reporting from Washington — For more than three decades, Eugene Allen worked in the White House, a black man unknown to the headlines. During some of those years, harsh segregation laws lay upon the land.

He trekked home every night to his wife, Helene, who kept him out of her kitchen. At the White House, he worked closer to the dirty dishes than to the Oval Office. Helene didn’t care; she just beamed with pride.

President Truman called him Gene. President Ford liked to talk golf with him. He saw eight presidential administrations come and go, often working six days a week.

“I never missed a day of work,” Allen said. He was there while racial history was made: Brown vs. Board of Education, the Little Rock school crisis, the 1963 March on Washington, the cities burning, the civil rights bills, the assassinations.

When he started at the White House in 1952, he couldn’t even use the public restrooms when he ventured back to his native Virginia. “We had never had anything,” Allen, 89, recalled of black America at the time. “I was always hoping things would get better.”

In its long history, the White House — note the name — has had a complex and vexing relationship with black Americans.

November 9, 2008

Where Do We Fit?

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I couldn’t write for days – I had to quote pieces of poems.  I had to sit in silence.  I had to stay home.  I couldn’t recall who I had been the moment prior to the announcement.  I had changed in an instant and am indeed reborn.  Don’t worry, it wasn’t hard labor.  I have, for many years, foreseen the coming together of all peoples of all hue in the delightful work of healing the Planet and rekindling Love.  Love has never been lost, just remembrance of it’s trans formative, all encompassing power.

However, this moment was spectacular.  Not because at 47 years old, and 6′ foot 3′; intelligent as a whip, and delicious as apple pie, he had seized the moment, owned the day (year, century?) – not because he is so freaking awesome ~ stunning ~ magnificent ~ brilliant; not even because 44% of white Americans are just as ready as I am for mass awakening, the age of enlightenment; not even because I had voted for the first time in my entire life.  Spectacular as these details are for me, and even after three days of tears of joy and freedom dancing I couldn’t write.  I decorated my house with red white and blue balloons, one even said “God Bless America”; but I couldn’t write.  I purchased blue Hanukkah lights to hang near my extraordinarily large circular Obama Zen poster flanking my front door, but I couldn’t write.

I was only just now jolted back into writing by an email I received today…It’s all about Black Power


November 5, 2008

President Barack Obama

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And Still I rise – we rise…

I have been so busy wailing laughing and dancing that I haven’t been able to write…

And even now that my fingers work yet again, All I can write is a sliver of a poem from Maya Angelou

I want to thank everyone for their contributions in creating this new reality.

I can’t say specifically what the future holds, but I can feel into the energy that is now present in me.

We are moving toward what has always been – Oneness

We are fulfilling our destiny and purpose – Unity

We are opening to the greatest thing of all – Love

We are enlightened as we understand the most important character trait of all – Understanding

We are creating a future where dreams of so many can finally be born – Evolution

We are feeling, needing, hoping and believing again – I am so proud of all of us!

October 30, 2008

The Children Know…

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Thanks Huffington Post

These Bars Don't Stop My Love

Behind a guarded door a lone voice calls – Let me out to give you this…I will not be forced behind this wall any longer.  I too will join you, with my friends of all races, we’ll make this country good again!  Yes We Can!

My Eyes See Your Heart

My Eyes See Your Heart

This is a moment of time/space evolution.  The young see that we emerge anew today.  Her eyes tell the story of our hearts.  We are One.  We’ve created this victory for our children.  We should all be proud.

We Are One

We Are One

I guide you with my light of courage…I protect you with my calm…I see in you the hopes of one thousand nations…I’m here to encourage you on!  Love is bliss and I love this colorful still shot!  Obama 08

See all the babies here on Huffington Post – I LOVE the post!  It’s my first stop daily…


October 12, 2008

Tears Of Joy Flow – The Age of Enlightenment

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This video literally brought tears to my eyes.  I am profoundly moved…
The Age of Enlightenment is definitely upon us! Enjoy!

October 2, 2008

The Quantum Mechanics of “Staying Calm”

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Article By: Hakashamut

Barack Obama recently exposed his true spiritual philosophy, but few picked up on it.  It’s too simple for those who prefer their spiritual messages in long, difficult to comprehend, Biblical-Speak.  The message is clear and profound: “Remain calm.”

Calmness is a quality we need in a president and a practice we must each institute to save our economy, communities, environment and foreign affairs.  Being calm is the key to staying in control in the face of insurmountable adversity.   When we speak of control we aren’t talking about the shoddy form of control used exclusively by insecure women, tyrannical men or Fascist governments.  We’re talking about controlling the mind, the heart and the spiritual energy of one’s being.

Let’s talk about the Quantum Mechanics of Calm.  When adversity ‘rears it’s head’, like Putin in Alaska, we have two choices.  We can allow the fight or flight impulse of the mammalian brain to become engaged, either kicking someone’s ass (I dun know…maybe Iraq?) or running away to hide and plot a fight without a thought of diplomacy (Uuumm…maybe Iran?).  Fight or flight is important software wired in the hard drive of the human mind.  This wiring occurred some time ago – millions of years ago the be sure.  Fight or Flight was mandatory in an environment of dangerous dinosaurs and saber toothed tigers afoot – right Sarah?

But seriously, the excess release of adrenaline during the Fight or Flight, stress response can cause all sorts of problems from dilation of the blood vessels to loss of the ability to have an erection!  It really behooves all of us to stay calm…


September 2, 2008

Barack Obama | Law of Attraction 101 | Four Easy Steps

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Obama Uses the Law of Attraction to Sail Above the Fray…

It’s always interesting to watch as Obama is magically transported from ‘would-be-harmful” attempts to derail his campaign.

Just this week there has been summoned a hurricane, a stork and thousands of Anti-War protests squashing the GOP objectives in a single swoop!

Seems Barack has the vote of Mother Nature, indeed – the Universe itself!

It looks easy and it’s a cinch to learn…It’s Basic Quantum Mechanics or Law of Attraction…

Discover the Steps – Then Leave a comment here on Hakashamut’s Politico!


August 25, 2008

Barack | Biden | Huge – It Is Destiny…

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Obama | Biden 08 | Intensity

Destiny draws near, stakes are high;  It’s time to believe and allow…

Don’t sleep.  Look around. Taste the ripe fruit – of course it’s sweet.  Unity lives!  A curious destiny unfolds today as we buzz with vigor, prepared to do battle.  We choose warrior armor because we know the truth:

Destiny isn’t a register of preordained circumstances. Destiny is a calling from deep within, summoning action on the part of its keepers…

We, the keepers of destiny have chosen!  Through our Quantum/Physical vehicles, through the power of thought, we bring to Earth what delights us.  There is joy in the unfolding, yet Destiny asks everything of us.  We consistently choose to release the past – knowing that release sustains and balances consumption.


July 4, 2008

Happy Quantum Independence Day

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Article By : Haksahamut

Quantum Independence Day!

OMG. Einstein is doing the Warrior Tongue Ritual! He must be celebrating Quantum Independence Day! This Traditional Warrior Pose symbolizes a powerful truth… He’s saying SCREW the ways of the Status Quo! I DEFEAT you! I am a genius, a God, a circumventor of what you think “reality” IS! I AM A QUANTUM WARRIOR! Check out this image of real Warriors making the same pose below…!


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